I did it!

February 28, 2010

I finished the fronts and back of Mendocino, my Olympic/Ravelympic project. I even got about 6 inches of the sleeves knitted. I know my project goal wasn’t as awesome as the goals many others set for themselves. However, I still feel quite a sense of accomplishment because:

1. I still managed to work all week and actually get things done.

2. I took care of a friends yarn shop for two days. That sounds like it should have been good knitting time; it really wasn’t because I had to keep working on my other work while I there. Sort of like that “no rest for the wicked” expression. Something like that. I don’t mean to be wicked. I just am. Sometimes.

3. I did not throw the desktop computer in the garbage. I did manage to do quite a bit of troubleshooting on it’s various issues. I will admit, I had a hissy fit on Friday. That’s the day I sent a nasty little message to the genius who builds my computers about wanting to throw the computer into the garbage. Shortly after venting, I got it put back together and ready for the next step in the troubleshooting process. Not that I was brave enough to go there. Something about flashing bios on the motherboard. Yuck. (Isn’t that polite. Spelled with a “Y” instead of the other consonant.)

4. I cooked some good meals and spent quality time with the RNK. His mileage may vary. I tried anyway. We watched lots of Andrew Zimern, a little bit of Dexter and Julie and Julia. I even cooked Chicken Curry Jaipur from “The New York Times Cookbook.” Yum.

5. I managed to get a good start on the accounting input for taxes and will probably have it ready to send off to the accountant on Tuesday. A few days off schedule, but not horrendous. This would be less remarkable if the desktop were running. It is more remarkable because I had to use the Mac.

Pictures of the sweater progress will follow tomorrow.

I’ve decided my “Olympics” will last one more week. I’m going to try really hard to have this sweater finished at this time next weekend.


4 Responses to “I did it!”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Your forgot two things. One to put on your list what you did achieve during that time: a lot of blog posts with pictures (yummy, I love the Opal pics). I am barely keeping up. And two, to award yourself a medal. You reached your goal. It’s not important how impressive the goal was (and to me it was VERY impressive btw), it’s important that you reached it AND stayed a socially intact human being. Wow.

  2. Chrissie Says:

    PS: In my book that merits GOLD.

  3. Bev Love Says:

    Impressive, I need to get started on my taxes too!!

  4. kittykitty Says:

    In My book that merits a gold as well.

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