Keeping with the “lympic” momentum

March 2, 2010

Pictures, as promised:

Mendocino goal met

The shaping on this sweater is extremely clever. I know that some Starmore knitters are not interested in knitting a sweater with this much stockinette. However, I have enjoyed knitting this pattern very much because of the ingenious way the cables are used to create shaping. Here’s an “inside” photo to show you what I mean.

Notice the gathers created by the cables

The cables, and actually I wonder if they aren’t really traveling stitches, create gathering which gives a nice “swing” design to the body. At this stage, it appears this will be a very wearable design. I am still thinking that the reduction in length was a good choice. I hope I feel that way when I get the sleeve saddles in.

One more shot of the fronts:

Traveling stitches or cables?

And the medal:

which I feel like I really cheated to get. This was so much fun to knit I really didn’t want to put it down. I might have even been inspired to knit this much in two weeks even without the Olympics in the background. Very far background. We don’t have TV.

But probably not. This was one heck of a lot of knitting! I started knitting continental, but had to switch to “throwing” because I don’t keep my tension quite as nice on the purl rows when I knit continental. That really, really slowed the knitting down. Oh well. I like the way the fabric looks better and that’s what counts.

I’ll try to get some more interesting pictures for my next post. We will have to take the bird feeder down in a couple more weeks when the bears come out of hibernation. I will be sad. I really am fond of the birds who come to visit. The juniper titmouse, my favorite, has to be the cutest little bird in our area. Yesterday, a white-breasted nuthatch came. Last week, we had an evening grosbeak. Very fun. Hopefully, I’ll capture something in pixels that will prove to be more interesting than a half-finished sweater and all my gloating about “lympic” knitting.

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