It’s a bit discouraging

April 8, 2010

to be reading about spring and flowers everywhere else in the northern hemisphere. Here, at 8,500 feet, we’ve still got snow banks against the north side of the house. It’s also wind season.

In the San Luis Valley, our seasons go like this:

  • Summer (1 month)
  • Fall wind (1 month)
  • Winter wind (1 month)
  • Dead of winter with bitter cold (3 months)
  • Downhill side of winter (2 months)
  • Mud season (1 month)
  • Spring wind (3 months)

When I first moved to the San Luis Valley, I would ask people about the wind, and they would say, “Oh, it’s only windy in the spring.” They neglected to mention that (as long-time residents, who stand at an angle when it is not windy) they classify Spring as the BIG wind season, that spring lasts for about three months and that there are lesser wind seasons in the fall and early winter. It is generally not windy in the dead of winter. Thank goodness because temperatures dip to 40 below. (Cecilius or Fahrenheit — doesn’t matter. The scales converge at this point.)

We do have some hollyhocks starting to come up. Those are some tough plants! There are a couple of tulip bulbs, located about 6 inches from the house in the protected courtyard area, who are considering poking their heads up above the soil line. I can just see the little spikes of the leaf tips.

You would think that all this cold, inside weather would inspire much knitting. Au contraire. Mendocino languishes because of seaming issues. I may have solved that and may have a progress report in a week or so. Rosarie languishes because Mendocino languishes. New possum socks are on the needles and I haven’t worked on them in days. What a funk!

So why do we stay here in this land of wind and cold?
1. Incredibly blue skies.

This is “Chico” a balloon that belongs to some friends of ours. The sun shines an average of 320-something days a year.

2. That makes even snow and frigid cold temperatures tolerable.

This was taken in February 2008 in a protected area on the south side of the house, where, despite cold temperatures, the sun is warm enough to convince a trickle of snow to melt on our smiling Buddha.

3. Sunsets are amazing, especially in summer

What can I say? We enjoy evening vistas like this one year-round!

4. There are mountains all around us.

5. And yesterday morning, on his way to work, the RNK saw (sorry no pictures!) a large owl, a bobcat and an antelope. Very cool.

One Response to “It’s a bit discouraging”

  1. emmy lou Says:

    All very good reasons to love the valley 🙂 and enjoy the snow banks since the wind will be starting its season soon! Nice shot of Mike and Gigi’s balloon!

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