I think about

April 29, 2010

posting on my blog way more often than I actually post on the blog. I guess that’s part of the charm as a blogger. You get the opportunity to think whether or not an event, person, place or thing is blogworthy. In this way, the blogger can enjoy the blog without actually doing anything.

As the bloggee, I guess you get the opportunity to think whether or not an event, person, place or thing is blogworthy, but only after the fact. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that happens with far less frequency for you than it does for me. Unless, of course, you have your own blog.

The one thing I’ve been meaning to post, and I just haven’t gotten around to, is Wordle. I played around with creating a word map for my blog. When it turned out that one of the most dominant words I’ve used lately is “wind” I rethought that decision. How exciting could that be?

I had even toyed with the idea of posting about the wind today because the electronic man on the weather radio said we would have gusts reaching 75 to 80 mph in some areas of the Valley. The report concluded that it will calm down this afternoon — gusts will only reach 30 mph. Fortunately, we only have 40 percent chance of snow which probably means it really won’t snow. I hope.

Then I thought better of writing about the weather. Unless you are here, hanging onto your hat, you probably don’t give a rat’s ass about what our weather is. I’m pretty certain the weather falls into the unblogworthy category for the most part.

So instead of reading about our miserable wind, go make your own word map. It’s pretty cool.


One Response to “I think about”

  1. Chris Says:

    LOL, that’s so funny, because I thought the word wind would occur that often, because you are talking about winding yarn. ;-))) Obviously the tunnel vision of a knitter.

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