The other horse,

May 12, 2010

the horse that belongs to my neighbor and that I’ve watched for the past five years as a companion horse for my horse, died.

Tag was old. Getting close to 30. When I got to the house where the horses are living this morning, the neighbor followed me into the driveway. When I hopped out of the car to talk to him, he said, “I’ll be over to get Tag later today.” He could tell from the look on my face that I didn’t have a clue.

He pointed, and as I looked over my shoulder, there he was. Good old Tag. He must have died either last night, or early this morning.

The neighbor said his wife got a call this morning telling him that Tag was dead. I guess they thought it was me calling. I’m thinking though, it was the woman who is coming over every day to check on the horses and give Oscar, my horse, the pills to put the melanomas in remission.

I wish I could post a picture of Tag in his prime. He was a huge buckskin and everyone who saw him said, “That horse must have really been something in his day.” He was clearly well-trained and I’m sure he had been a great cattle horse when he was in his prime.

I didn’t know him then. I only knew him as an older gentleman. He was, like many horses, not very interested in people. He was pretty aloof and preferred the company of other horses.

Winter before last though, it was so cold here. It was tough on him. He lost a lot of weight and I put him on Senior Equine feed plus lots of other goodies like sprouted oats. For the first time in his life, as I understand from what the neighbor told me about him, he took an interest in a human. He became downright friendly. He whinnied when he saw me, his ears perked up when he saw his feed bucket and he put up with me scratching his head and brushing his mane a little more gracefully.

I suffer no illusions. I know it really wasn’t me he was interested in. I was just the goodie wagon. But still. It was nice to have him perk up when he saw me.

Tag hated apples. He loved watermelon. I wish he could have enjoyed the summer and had a few more slices before he went.


One Response to “The other horse,”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ok, now the question of the owner has been answered too. Maybe Tag is in watermelon and sprouted oats heaven now, wearing a Clap-Oat-E around his neck to keep him warm.
    And just for the record, I love you pet ramblings just as well as all the other goodies you treat us with. But I don’t regard you as the blog-wagon ;-)))). Whinney, whinney!

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