Are the increase

June 13, 2010

yarn overs on Citron supposed to line up between sections? I suspect they should. Mine don’t. I’m not sure I’m going to worry about it though, since I’m on section four and I really don’t think the yarn would hold up to frogging and reknitting. It’s the story I’m telling myself anyway because I really don’t feel like reknitting this thing. It’s not exactly a super-fun knit.

I got off one stitch on the third section, corrected it and moved on. It never occurred to me (duh!!) that the mistake would show up in the finished shawlette. Anyway, that was the story that I told myself. Are all knitters masters of self-deception? Or is it just me? Deep in one of the grey crevasses of my mind, I knew it would show up. Truth be known, I just didn’t really care.

What do you think? The arrow points to the offending row. I’m anticipating one of two extreme situations when I block it. Either
a.) I can fudge a little on the blocking and it will look just fine.
b.) Once the pattern opens up with blocking, it will show up as a major flaw that no amount of fiddling will fix.

Meanwhile, I got the web page for selling our newest house finished. If you know of anyone who is looking for a retreat in Colorado, send them here:


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