That damn Citron of mine.

June 21, 2010

Or perhaps I should be calling it Kelp. Because of the colors and the bubbles. It’s a cute little free pattern from Knitty. Should be quite easy. I took it on our vacation as mindless knitting.

I got about three and a half of the body repeats done on the trip. Have been slowly working on it here at home. I was on the 14th row of the 5th, and last, repeat when I found myself idly wondering yet again, “I wonder why the yarn overs don’t show up in the pictures on the pattern.” Idle wondering, knitting, more picture looking, knitting. And then it hit me. After completing 13 of the 14 increase rows in this pattern.

There are no yarn overs in Citron. The pattern quite clearly calls for “m1.” Oh well. Mine has bubbles. Kelp. It was, after all, a vacation by the sea.

It all goes to show, it’s pretty easy to delude ourselves. Here it was, right in black and white in front of me, clear as day. I read “m1” and “yo” not once, not twice, but dozens and dozens of times.

Is this human nature? Are we unable to see the world through the fog of our minds? How many other things in the world don’t I “see” because my brain is programed for a different reality? We share a lot with the ostrich in this regard, the ability to put our head in the sand and pretend the tough, scary things aren’t really out there. Not that m1 are so tough and scary. It seems fair to extrapolate though, if what’s going on in this country is any indication.

Curious, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “That damn Citron of mine.”

  1. Chris Says:

    That’s a very funny story, and I know tons of examples, in which I made similar mistakes in knitting. But even worse: yesterday, on my first day back from my vacation, I totally forgot to attend my weekly meeting. None of my co-workers thought of asking me, why I was missing, because they all considered me to be still out of the office. Funnily enough I read the minutes of the previous two meetings about the time when the meeting was held, and still the penny didn’t drop.
    I heard a story about a native American tribe that was not able to see the first ships from Europe, although they were clearly visible, simply due to the fact that they had never seen ships that large before and allegedly their eyes could not send the correct information to the brain cells. After hearing this I wondered what I am not able to see, although it is staring me into the face. ;-)))

  2. Doti Roraback Says:

    yes I sadly can not see what is right in front of me at times. example I was sending msgs on and typed one of the addresses wrong found out when I got undeliverable mail and then sent them all again and had typed the address wrong again. so with a third try hopefully I got it correct I know I looked but did not see. Duh. have done that many times with sewing or knitting patterns. brain blind Doti

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