10 things I love about summer:

June 24, 2010

10. Being warm inside and outside the house.

9. Afternoon rainstorms and how great it smells just as the rain starts.

8. Rainbows.

7. Going barefoot.

6. Cold beer on a hot afternoon.

5. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.

4. Long sunny days followed by evenings that just beg you to sit outside and watch the stars. And you can cause it’s nice out.

3. Everything is green.

2. Opal chasing butterflies that are flying about 3 feet above her head — and her acting as if that were no obstacle to catching them. And then she almost does.

1. Baby animals.

How about you? What are your favorite summer things?


One Response to “10 things I love about summer:”

  1. Chris Says:

    1. Flowers of course
    2. The warmth
    3. That it’s longer light outside and the days seem longer
    4. The scents, after or before rain
    5. Sitting outside (even in alleged dog parks)
    6. People are more cheery
    7. There is more birdsong than in winter
    8. Inline blading
    9. The world oozes colors
    10. Well, for a very selfish reason, it’s the time of my birthday

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