Everything has been all about the move lately

August 31, 2010

We sold the “nice” house and moved back into the old house. It’s good, but it’s been a tremendous amount of work.

It’s also weird, moving back into the house we once lived in, rented out, and are now returning to sans furniture. The people who bought the “nice” house wanted most of our furniture. So, we said, “OK” and moved back a little lighter.

I know where things should go as I unpack. They used to go there. It’s just harder without the furniture.

We have enough stuff to get by. It’s really not a big deal. Just different. Different in sort of a liberating way.

The past year feels like a pleasant interlude, a break from our normal lives, already a memory. Now, we’re back into the routine in the house we don’t like very much; but, in a location that’s so convenient and so easy.

The animals are all very, very, very happy. Three “verys.” One for each dog and one for the cat. Maybe I’ll be adding a fourth soon when the horse comes home. I don’t think he’ll be quite as happy though. I need to find another horse to board so he has a buddy.

I think when he comes home, he’ll miss old Tag, the neighbor’s horse that lived here with him for several years and who died this past spring. It’s been weird without any horses here. The first day I was back, I was in the house by myself cleaning and I heard a horse out in the coral. I ran to look. Nothing. I told RNK. He told me I was crazy. But the next day, he was here and he heard it too. He also ran to look, thinking it was one of the Amish families going by. Nope. No horses anywhere — just the sound of one out in the coral.

Poor old Tag. He had it pretty nice the last few years, the years I knew him. Maybe he had it nice before then too. In fact, I’m sure he did; although, he didn’t seem to recognize that people could really be his friends until I started him on the senior equine feed. After a few months of that, he decided I was really something and he started to act like he looked forward to seeing me. I’m not kidding myself; I know it was just the food he really wanted. Still, it was kind of nice.

Unfortunately, as boss horse, Oscar pushed Tag around quite a bit. Tag always had little bite marks and missing hair bits. The senior feed didn’t make that any easier because Oscar was pretty jealous of the extra goodies Tag got.

However, I think they both knew that Tag was the older and sometimes, in some ways, perhaps, the wiser animal. When Oscar got all feisty and picked on Tag too much, Tag would just walk away. Oscar would stand there and watch, then he would amble off after Tag. Oscar hated the idea of being alone. That’s why I’m so worried about bringing him home by himself.

Nothing has been easy with Oscar since we moved out of this house a year ago. I never could find a good spot to board him by the other house and he and Tag spent the winter in less than desirable circumstances. Then Oscar had four melanomas removed. All surface tumors, not a big deal, but he’s such a baby about needles and vets. Then Tag died and Oscar was so distraught. He went a little crazy for day, then he moped. Then he moved to a boarding facility and hurt his foot, had another vet visit and was lame for several weeks while the hoof grew out. Now he will be moving back with no buddy. Lots and lots of bad things all in a row from his perspective. Well, from mine too.

He’s such a good horse. I really hate that all these bad things have happened to him. I can’t justify boarding him though, not when we’ve got such a nice horse facility here. Besides. I miss him. I really like having him here.

It’s am amazing thing, having an animal that large, that smart, that sensitive and that beautiful that wants to be with you. That likes your company so much he’s willing to allow you to sit on his back and work with him as a partner. It’s very, very, very cool. Three “verys.” Just because.


2 Responses to “Everything has been all about the move lately”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    That sounds really nice to me. šŸ™‚

  2. Chris Says:

    This is so funny. First of all, we cannot always get from an unpleasant situation to a totally satisfying one without taking some steps in between. So we will have to look out for the next step that makes us feel better and thus move us into the right direction. And for Oscar being with you WILL be a very nice upgrade, even though he might miss Tag.
    Seems like Tag is not gone at all. And I’m sure that Oscar will appreciate your company way more than he would miss any other equine buddy from the boarding home. It’s the right and proper thing to do. And the other horse might be already be on its way. So take Oscar home first, so that he has a time to feel like he’s the boss in his own home. He might need this time alone before he is able to welcome a new four legged friend.

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