No dramas

November 9, 2010

The Holden Shawlette was a lovely undramatic knit after all the trauma with Maia. Just a few nights of knitting and voilà:

Sorry about the incredibly bad photography today. I’m in a funk and it seems to be coming through on everything I do today. Thank goodness I am not working on any knitting or I would be frogging tomorrow. Guaranteed.


This is one of those projects that looks totally uninspired on the needles. It doesn’t really take on any allure whatsoever until you get it blocked and around your neck. Then, little Holden takes on a life of it’s own and begins to shine.

I know better than to try one of those mirrors shots to show you what I mean. At least today anyway. You’ll have to use your imagination. Or better yet, just grab the free pattern from Ravelry and cast on.

Designer Mindy Wilkes tells us the story behind the pattern name: Holden Beach in North Carolina. I didn’t really think much I picked up the skein of Sheepaints Bamboolaine that I had tried to use to finish Maia. It was wound, it was sitting there, needles were sitting there and the pattern was sitting there. I just picked the yarn and needles up and started knitting without much thought. Serendipity.

The yarn I used, even though my craptastic photos don’t show it, has all the colors of sea foam on the beach: some green, some medium blues, some pale blues but not enough of anything to overwhelm the knitting. It really was a lovely choice for this pattern.

I had enough yarn to do one extra half pattern repeat without excessive worry during the bind-off. I have a tiny little ball of yarn left. Perhaps, a Minor Minion is in my future.

What’s next? I should be finishing Rosarie in Blue. But, maybe another shawlette will fall onto the knitting needles and stab itself. Or maybe a red scarf. Still time to get one or two done. Any suggestions? What should I knit next?


4 Responses to “No dramas”

  1. kimberly Says:

    wow – another beauty! You are on a roll with shawls – why not another one?

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Now this really looks like waves at a beach! It’s so lovely. 🙂

  3. Chris Says:

    As a knitter friend from Vienna once said, unblocked lace looks like a crinkled and heavily used handkerchief. ;-))
    Lovely shawl.

  4. Bev Love Says:

    The shawl is beautiful. I love the color and the edging.

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