Sheep and goats

February 2, 2011

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As an aside. I find it interesting to look at the ratio of blog views vs. contest entries. Something on the order of 75 percent of the people who have looked at the contest blog post have chosen not to enter. Curious. Are the prizes that lame?

Meanwhile, the blog goes on.

An interesting thing happens late winter around our house every year. Interesting to me and very, very, very interesting to the horses. The neighbor brings his sheep home for a few weeks to clean off his alfalfa fields. The fields are right across from the house. This is sort of the same view that the horses have. I don’t actually know if a horse sees in color like we do; but, this is what I see when I look out from their coral anyway.

Jet, the borrowed horse, who keeps my horse company, was so twitterpated by the whole thing he didn’t eat hardly anything for the first three or four days the sheep were around. He got over it. He’s eating again and acting very nonchalant and cool in the way that horses act when they really don’t feel all that nonchalant and cool inside. I’m pretty sure he would just about crawl inside out getting back into the coral if suddenly found himself on the other side of the fence with the woolly monsters.

This is pretty much the view we see from our living room.

As an aside, having the sheep around doesn’t stop me from eating at all. But, you probably knew that.

After a week or so, the sheep start to run out of food and they get interested in finding greener (the term is relative this time of year) pastures. This is when we must be very careful to keep the gate to our property closed. One year, they came in to eat our yard. The sheep were cool. They munched on the grass and walked around looking woolly.

The few dozen goats that hang with the sheep were not so cool. They ate all the shoots off a little ponderosa pine I have been coddling along. They wanted to eat all the lilacs I planted. It took a while to get them all shooed away. The pine tree finally recovered after three or four years; now, we are very careful during this time of year about keeping the gate closed.

Back to the story. Late one afternoon, I was watching the flock eat when I noticed that a few sheep were getting pretty interested in something happening on our side of the road. Some were looking south and across the road, the others were looking at the ones who were looking. Sheep are like that. If one does something, they all join in. I went outside to check it out.

Leave it to the goats. They discovered a spot where the ground dipped and the fence didn’t. You can see the goats in the background in a little group huddled together — apparently pleased with themselves that they started a movement.

The closest sheep realized what was going on and went berserk trying to get through the fence into the alfalfa field that surrounds our house. I was shocked how loud the munching was. Really loud. I guess the ones on the other side of the fence could hear it too because they were pushing and shoving like nobody’s business. I had no idea sheep could be so rude.

I didn’t see what harm it would cause, but the shepherd came running. Of course, it’s not our field and I presume that the guy who owns the field might feel differently than me. So, probably a good thing the shepherd came running.

And just because, here are a couple of gratuitous sheep shots.


5 Responses to “Sheep and goats”

  1. Chris Says:

    LOLOL, the sheep didn’t stop me from eating as well. Actually I was eating while I read the post. But they are quite impressive all the same.

  2. OspreySong Says:

    That’s so awesome that you get to live next to a farm. Do you get to have some free wool to play with occasionally? I’m stuck in the city, so no sheep to see.

  3. kimberly Says:

    Wow – that is a lot of sheep! Thanks for sharing all of the lovely sheep shots!

  4. Love the photos of the sheep!

  5. StephCat Says:

    re: views vs entries — I’ve seen the same thing happen on my site. I try to make it pretty darn easy for people to enter — basically just leave a comment/answer — as opposed to having people do all sorts of things for extra entries. So I don’t quite get it eiher…

    I will admit if I go to a blog & you have to jump thru all sorts of hoops, I’ll generally skip the contest…

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