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October 2, 2007

Last night, as I was furiously knitting away trying to make progress on the “Bark” socks, I realized one aspect of blogging that had not, prior to that point in time, occurred to me: accountability. I wanted to have progress on the socks to show on my blog.

That’s a little scary! Especially when you consider that this blog, and my knitting, for the most part, are narcissist activities. It’s not like I’m advertising or promoting this site. Until this morning, I thought that my readership, counting me, was limited to less than two.

Nor do I knit for others. Although, last year, I did knit about 20 or so cotton dishcloths for Christmas presents using Gloria Penning’s lovely doily patterns as a basis for most. I even knitted one doily for my mom’s kitchen counter:
From one of Gloria Penning's Knitted Heirloom Lace books
Right now though, my knitting is for me. I want, no, I need, more hand knitted socks before winter gets here.

Consider this: I knit for me. I blog for me. Somehow, these two activities have combined to make be more accountable to the world at large. I want to be a better knitter because of this blog. Weird.

And this morning, drumroll please, I discovered that I my blog was actually read by not one, but two other people. My friend in Germany, Chris, took a look, as did the subject of my last post, talented knitter Wendy Johnson. Wendy even commented (favorably!) on my socks. I swoon.

P.S. I almost forgot. Required element of all knitting blogs: cat photo.
Ida Rose Parker