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That robin had an attitude

April 8, 2009

I don’t know what the deal was, but that robin had a problem with our windows. He kept flying up to the windows and pecking them until dusk on Monday night. He was at it again on Tuesday morning in spite of the fact that I hung out a wind chime to help keep him away. I put it near the corner of the house hoping it would catch more wind; but, alas the only day I’ve ever hoped for wind, there was none.


He — I assume it was a he — kept flying up and pecking his reflection. He never banged into the glass, and would often flutter just outside the window. Of course, this fascinated Opal.




She did take a little time out to box with the plants. But mostly, she stood around and watched for him.




By noon, the robin gave up and Opal was able to catch a quick nap. Life is tough for our little rat terrier.

Out of the blue

March 13, 2009

Last night, like many nights, I was sitting on the canine sofa (the little loveseat that Opal, Jakob and I share) and the Resident non-Knitter was sitting on the feline sofa (the giant sofa with barely room for Ida Rose and RNK — they both get this sprawl thing going). We were watching a movie. I was knitting, still working on RNK’s sweater.

Out of the blue, he said, “It really is going to be a beautiful sweater.” Not sure I really heard that correctly, I asked him to repeat. Quite clearly he said, “It really is going to be a beautiful sweater.” WoW!

If you have been following along, you know that the RNK desire for a sweater was met by this knitter with extreme skepticism. None-the-less, I gamely sallied forth, knitting away, tinking away, knitting a little less gamely, tinking a little less enthusiastically, knitting, knitting, and more knitting. I believe the phrase “ape arms” even was mentioned.

He has steadfastly refused to try the sweater on — even though now would be a good time to check the fit while I could still do something about it. I presumed he was less than enamored with his sweater-to-be. Not so. I have proof. He said it twice.

He has been making comments that he thinks I am knitting “his” sweater in my size. Just to prove a point, I put it on last night. The sleeves come past the tips of my fingers. The bottom ribbing hits me somewhere around my upper thighs and the circumference at the chest is more than adequate for me even if I gain another 100 pounds or so. Not my size. I looked up from the image of myself in the mirror to see a grinning RNK behind me. “I guess it might fit me,” he said.

The end is in sight.

The end is in sight.

In the photo above, you can just see the bottom of one of my more recent acquisitions, a painting by David Montgomery. David is a talented plein air painter who lives and works in the San Luis Valley.

Raglan decreases

Raglan decreases

I’m fairly well-pleased at this point with the transition from a sweater written for flat knitting to a sweater knitted in the round. The raglan decreases turned out OK and I think that it looks like the decreasing for the neck is going to work out just fine too. However, I will keep my fingers crossed on that point until the neck stitches have all been picked up and a few rows of the neck band completed. Which should be soon.

Like the previous sweater, I had to make the switch from knitting round and round to knitting back and forth after I put the first neck stitches on a holder. This slows me down considerably. I do not cable well from the purl side.


And, after I figured out that the problem with my camera was not camera-related (ie read: The problem with the camera was operator error.), I managed to grab a few quick shots of one of my orchids in bloom. This is the third year I’ve had this one and it’s really putting on a nice show for us with two lovely blossoms.




It’s so hard to capture the color accurately. I love the way the sun shines through the petals and makes them sparkle. So lovely!

Meanwhile, I had another little spree:


I was browsing through some photos on the computer yesterday and found that I cast on for my “first” sweater sometime last March. Now, a year later, I’ve purchased enough yarn to knit well over a dozen other sweaters, I’ve finished three two, and am closing in on the finishing for the forth third. At this rate of knitting/purchasing, I will be able to knit into eternity and back by next year. Heck. I probably can already if you take a look at my sock yarn stash, let alone the lace-weight pile. But hey, it’s good for the economy, right?

The end is near

May 7, 2008

Of the sweater that is. I make no claims to any planetary knowledge.

The next line of instruction in the pattern reads: “Block pieces.” I think I will forgo this step. Why? Since I knitted the sleeves in the round and the fronts and back together, there are no “flat” pieces. I see no advantage to blocking now vs. blocking after it’s all put together. Am I missing something?

I decided to go ahead with the three-needle bind off for the shoulder seams as the pattern suggested. Thanks to those who commented on this aspect of the assembly in an earlier post! Next after that comes the neck edging and then the front edgings. Then blocking and viola–a sweater!

Meanwhile, one of the orchid seedlings I bought at Missouri Botanical Gardens in February 2006 has bloomed. I bought about 15 seedlings. Of those, I have managed to keep about 10 alive. Most are thriving and probably need to be repotted. This scares the dickens out of me. Maybe they will just have to live in their root-bound pots a while longer.

Two, both slipper orchids, have gotten infected with mealy bugs. They are in quarantine, along with the Militonia. Hopefully, I’m getting these little beasts under control!

The seedling that bloomed is called Hknsa.Sogo Doll ‘Little Angel.’ For you orchid afficionados out there, the tag says: lctna.Peggy San x Slc.Katsy Noda. Whatever that means. All I know is that the description matches the flower and the flower is lovely. I’m so pleased that one of these little plants has bloomed.

Little Angel is keeping me company in my office now.

A closeup of the bloom.

It's an adorable little plant!