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The Ever-Expanding Stash

October 23, 2007

The stash continues to grow. Exponentially when you factor in the rate at which yarn arrives and the rate at which I knit.

For example, this is what arrived yesterday in the mail:

And a few days before that:

The current socks on needles (SON) grew on Saturday, went backwards on Sunday morning, and on Sunday night, finally went forwards to reach the point where they had been on Saturday again. Later that evening, they finally saw some forward progress when I actually completed the heel on one sock and began on the leg. Last night I got the heel started on other sock.

I like the Eye of the Patridge look. Substantial. Sturdy. But, no pictures on the blog until I get both heels done. Right now, they don’t look that much different than the last picture. I find it embarassing. How long do other people take to finish a pair of socks?

Meanwhile, to spur me on, I have placed all stash in a basket that I hold on my lap and pet in the evenings.

If that wasn’t enough to make you drool, here’s another angle:

If my counting was correct last night, I think I am set for about 1 1/2 to 2 years if I pick up the knitting pace a bit. Of course, there are just a few more skeins on the way here . . .


Oh yeah, I do have a blog . . .

October 18, 2007

not that anyone could tell by the frequency with which I post. In my defense, the third week of every month is spent working on the newsletter I create for our local electric cooperative. That’s what I’ve been working on this week. No excuse what-so-ever for missing last Friday. None. Just didn’t do it.

In terms of the title of this blog, I have been consumed with the middle item. Tink. I got the heel turned on one of the Shibui bark socks. Several rows into the Eye of the Partridge, I realized that I dropped a stitch in the second row. Because of the slipping between rows, it seemed easier to just pull out the heel needles and rip back, pick up again, and proceed on.

However, once I got that baby off two needles, and I realized that this was THE sock with the mysterious bump in the gusset increase about halfway up the gusset, out came the other needles. Bump gone. Progress forward is painfully slow.

There was a poll on Knitting Daily about UFOs. How many? Should I count the sweater I started in the early 80’s that I finally assembled last winter? I even blocked it. It fits, amazingly enough. I do need to hem the bottom and the sleeves and I need to knit and insert the I-cord drawstrings for both–or come up with some other delightful solution. It’s so close. It is “off the needles.” It is wearable. It is not done.

Besides the socks, three other UFOs that I have no intention of finishing. All shawls. Kerry Blue–hate the yarn. Will try again in something different, maybe. MS3–just not my thing; although, I went ahead and bought the pattern to support Melanie. This Zephyr is destined for something else. And finally, the shawl I started in Myrna Stayman class. It’s OK. But the yarn doesn’t look right with this pattern. It just does not please me.

I tend to think of all of these as swatches rather than UFOs. I made a tiny start, didn’t like, abandoned, and am ready to move on. Did move on. Socks. Socks. And more socks.

Lots of socks planned. See:

Wollmeise Wool/Poly Sock Yarn

The colors of the Wollmeise are absolutly radiant. I love this yarn. Claudia, who is a dear to do business with, tells me that the colors are even better in the superwash merino sock yarn. It’s hard to imagine. See:

Wollmeise Tiefer See

And on the other side of the spectrum as far as color brightness goes–lest you think I am all one-sided–I got some lovely muted shades perfect for lacey socks from Lime&Violet as well as some lace yarn with long colorpaths from Yarn Place. Both were also very pleasant to do business with. I mentioned Fleegle’s blog at Yarn Place and they upgraded my shipping. Very cool.

Lovely muted colors.